CMYK mode

Can mypaint have the option to work in CMYK mode? or at least integrate a palette with CMYK only colors?

We’re experimenting with RYB mode here:
Which is definitely not CMYK but maybe what you are interested in. This only affects the smudge setting, so… basically no; MyPaint is RGB for everything outside that patch.

The second question is more feasible. If you have a CMYK palette already you can apply that as a gamut mask to the HCY wheel inside mypaint (I describe how to do that in the post above). Or just use the palette color selector. Both options would restrict you from selecting a non-CMYK color, but would not use a CMYK model to mix colors together on the screen. . . Hope that helps!

I think cmyk is more of a viewport/ rendering mode- it has little to do with the brush engine itself.
Cmyk is used to better see how an image will look like when printed.
Graphic designers tend to use it and thus why its so important to have in vector art software

On a side note- I would love to see RYB color blending merged as soon as possible.Thank you for the incredible work!