Christmas for Brothers and Sister

Today is 05/07/20 a date out of season for Christmas yet currently working on this painting using My Paint 1.2 and 2.0. Painting taken from old photo of me and siblings one Christmas season. Decided for practice to create a digital painting from the photograph. I would estimate 40 plus hours to create this painting since I have 32 iterative saves and normally spend an hour or two on each progression.Text

Some changes made from first post here along with a digital frame. Digital frame was not created with MyPaint, instead an old version of U-Lead Photo Impact 5. Anyone here interested in a great program for digital framing of your artwork check out U-Lead Photo Impact (Version 13 is available). You don’t just work with program designed templates, with this program you have the ability to create your own frames from an unusual array of custom design tools.

After completing this digital image, I am absolutely convinced that MyPaint does have the right tools to create excellent images if your willing to devote some time and effort to accomplish that goal.

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