Change Shortcut to straight lines with constrains angle

I need to draw straight lines with constrains angle and my Tablet (Huion H1161) doesnt allow the combination K + CTRL (only allow CTRL + K = Scratchpad Panel)

Is it possible modify K + X instead K + CTRL to draw lines straight lines with constrains angle???

Same to Circles: O + CTRL isnt possible in my Tablet… O + X to draw cicles with constrains ratio/angle???

X or other key

Hi tomson!

To paint constrained angles you have to choose the “Lines & Curves”-Tool and than just hold CTRL and paint. Do the same with the “Circles”-Tool to paint Circles with constrained angles.

CTRL+K opens the Scratchpad for me too. I think that is as it’s meant to be.

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Hi, Tuco…
I’m from Brasil, then sorry for my bad English

Thanks a Lot for you feedback…

I have a Tablet (Huion H1161) with some programmable press keys…
I want to use just ONE programmable press keys to draw lines with constrained angles and other to circles. (see the picture below)

The H1161 does not allow using K + CTRL… just CTRL + K
(note that CTRL + K is different of K + CTRL)

My goal its use MyPaint just to Math (mathematics - rectangle triangle, cartesian plane, plane figures, etc)

Hi Tomson!

I’m german, and I am not really proud on my english too. Sorry, but I think, I can’t help you with your problem. I’m a Wacom-User. Anyway, I hope you will get it solved.

Best wishes

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