Caricature Mr Bean in mypaint

My Mr Bean caricature in mypaint.!


Wonderful. Really well done!

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Thanks a lot :blush:

Like it a lot! However, I think you could be a bit more daring with the shading.

In fact, I tried a bit of paint-over. If it’s ok with you I could post it here to show what i mean?

Ok, tnks! Please post here!

I like the colors. (Can’t explain much, I don’t have a big art vocabulary.)

Do you mind sharing your process on how you select which facial features to highlight more than others? I see here that you’ve chosen Mr. Bean’s forehead. What made you choose it?

Personally, I would have thought his most prominent feature to be his nose. That being said, I don’t know a lot about caricatures. But learning is always good~ Thanks in advance.

hi, my english is very low, in my videos process , see:

I liked your tip and you’re really right. Then I’ll try to make the nose more obvious, not the forehead.

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No need, but if you want to, sure~ Thank you for the response. I saw the video. Good work with the lines. I notice you did them in black first, removed them, then used colored lines.