Can Mypaint open data bigger than 2Gb?

Can nobody help me with my problem?
Has nobody experience with big datas?
I want to buy a new PC but I dont know where my problem is... (Hardware or MyPaint)? Some german MyPaint Users said that I have too many layers. Id be very happy if someboy shows his experience with me about this topic,
so I know what to do.
Thank you


I`m german and I have a problem. I have one picture which is 2Gb big and I created it on MyPaint 1.0
Sadly, the Program now lags with this data size. My question is now:

  1. How many layers can MyPaint 1.0 manage and how big can the pictures at most be ?
  2. How many layers can MyPaint 1.2 manage and how big can the pictures at most be ?

The specs of my PC are:
Win7 Ultimate 64bit , 16Gb RAM, 4x 3,5 Ghz AMD Athlon II

If you have questions about this fell free to ask :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Haku and the Mermaids

There’s no upper limit; it depends on how much RAM you have. 16G should be fine.

More layers will indeed be slower to render. Our cache of rendered tiles is supposed to make things faster here. Perhaps its capacity needs to be increased here in the code? I notice we’re probably clearing it too much.

You don’t say what “lag” means. Drawing lag, or scrolling/zooming lag)?

Thank you very much for your answer.

The fact, that the program is becoming slower
when I have more layers opened, isn`t my Problem.
My problem is that the program freezes spontaneously.

I also think that MyPaint doesn`t really delete the layers because after I reopen a picture the program shows me in the first seconds more layers than I actually want to have.(E.G.: I have 53 layers. Then I delete 3 layers. After I reopen the picture, the program first shows me 53 layers, and a few seconds later, the program now shows me 50 layers again.)

I also tried to combine some layers of a drawing to new layers and deleted unused layers, and saved this variant as a new drawing (So I had less layers, -> less data size ), because I thought this the smaller picture would be easier to handle for the program, but it didn`t work with the really big drawings (200+ layers) at all.

I will try the thing with the code, maybe it`ll help me.

Are there any requirements from the graphics card and/or the SSD to run the program smoothly?

Best wishes, Gabi


Are there any other possibilities to run MyPaint smoothly except editing the program code?
Im a normal user and Im afraid to make a mistake with bad consequences…

If there`s anybody reading this who has experience with big paintings in MyPaint (bigger than 2GB and more than 200 layers), can you please tell me what Hardware/Software you have?

-Processor (Intel/AMD)
-Graphics Card

I`m asking because I actually might want to buy a new PC, but this one should then run MyPaint reliable.

Best wishes, Gabi