Can I Undo one stroke instead of two strokes?

Hi, MyPaint is an awesome software but there’s one big issue for me.
When I hit Undo in MyPaint, it Undos TWO strokes instead of one, it’s very annoying.
Is there any file modification or setting I can do to change it so Undo only removes one brush stroke at a time?
Thanks! :grin:

By the way, in case it interests the developers, I previously had an issue with
CTRL activating the color picker (which I did not like since I always use CTRL + Z to undo) but I changed a setting and disabled it (I can’t remember what setting it was but eventually I hit the right button, it wasn’t that obvious to me so it took a while to figure out).
So now it’s just this Undo issue left and I’ll be very happy with MyPaint! :grin:

What is put on the undo stack is determined by brush changes and duration. The number of strokes, in the traditional sense, is not a factor. I don’t think it’s configurable, but it’s something to consider (and I’m sure it has been considered, and brought up before).

Thanks for the reply.
If anyone has at least a workaround this problem, I’d be grateful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

One workaround could be to draw slower. :wink:

No, just press ‘z’ instead of ctrl+z … I used to have that problem too.


EDIT: Actually… drawing slower is the only answer… how crappy. I just verified that, but I still stand by only pressing ‘z’ for undo. it is so much easier when you aren’t “using” your keyboard.