Brushset: Rakes & Bristles (uses experimental code)

I’ve been playing around with @AnTi’s new offset code and have done a couple of brushes with it. You’ll need my tweaked version from my Github for the brushset to work, see discussion at the end of this issue. Get the brushset here.

The brushes look like this:

(Well, the dry bristle brush just uses the existing code, but it fits the theme.)

Icons are still very preliminary. I’m open to suggestions, tweaks etc. It’s possible that you experience some jitter of the brush radius, especially when putting the pen down. The code will probably need to be tweaked to avoid that, but “unfortunately”, it doesn’t happen for me so it’s hard for me to guess the correct values for this. EDIT 12 Feb 2017: I have updated my branch to avoid jittering.

A painting I did that makes heavy use of some of those brushes:


I haven’t been able to test them, but on the surface they look pretty good. @davidrevoy, do you have any suggestions to help improve the brushes since you have experience in this area?

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Hey, no suggestions. It looks good from what I see on the visuals. Good to see development around the brush engine.


@Rebecca this should all be compatible with the latest git builds, do you want to add these to the wiki here: Brush Packages · mypaint/mypaint Wiki · GitHub ?

I’m a bit concerned at the performance problems with so many dabs-per-radius-- you might want to play with the “Base Brush Radius” setting that I made:input: Base Brush Radius by briend · Pull Request #104 · mypaint/libmypaint · GitHub

This lets you make “high definition” rake brushes that don’t require a lot of CPU (you can use “just enough” dabs instead of cranking it to 200), and you can scale the brush bigger/smaller and retain the same look/feel. You can even adjust the hardness/feather so that small brushes are crisp and bigger becomes softer, etc. Check out my (very alpha) brushes for some examples:

Also, we have offsets that can use the stylus Ascension instead of “direction”. Although it requires a tilt stylus, it is extremely stable, no jitter, and can be more natural since the offset will always be 90 degrees against your brush’s ascension degrees. I wish there was a way to set up both and allow a “fallback” to direction in the case of people without tilt. I suppose we just need to create brush collections that target specific inputs.

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I’m definitely going to look into the new settings. Right now I’m working on a dying computer which needs replacing, and am also quite busy with inktober. But I am able to compile from github again, which is a start!