Brush setting auto update (when changed)

Auto updating your brush settings whenever you change them (bold text not for emphasis, i just don’t know how to word it another way.
This will help by not requiring you to constantly open the brush settings window, go to radius, and change it there.
I hope there isn’t much, as every other software I’ve used or tried has this implemented
Krita, Autodesk sketchbook, Mischief, photoshop, painter, artrage, etc.

There are shortcuts for changing the size of the active brush step by step, though they limit the precision a bit.

Enabling the tool options panel (Window->Tool Options Panel <T>) will give you access to a bunch of sliders that can be used to override the settings, among them a “Size” slider that allows you to adjust the overall radius of the active brush.

I guess the problem is that if you select that same brush from one of the brush groups it will load the original version, without your overrides. One way to avoid that is to enable the brush history panel and select your brush from there, which should load your modified version.

Some time ago I implemented an on-canvas adjuster for changing the active brush size, where you can simply click and drag to set a new radius. I think something like that should probably be added to the main version, because it is very useful to get direct feedback of the real brush size when altering it (+ the extra precision).

could there by any chance in the future be a feature added like krita has that overrides the brush auto-default? in krita theres a checkbox and once you enable it the program stops resetting after a brush switch.

I never noticed that option in Krita, but apparently it creates a temporary copy of the brush upon modification and uses that copy when selecting the brush it is based on until the program is shut down (or the option switched off).

I haven’t mucked around with the brush code much, so I guess someone like @achadwick would have to comment, but I see no immediate reason why it should be hard to implement such a switch in MyPaint

Keep in mind that the brush history already stores your modified versions of the brushes (if you use them at least once post-modification), and is persistent between application restarts. Unfortunately the brush history interface does leave something to be desired at the moment.