Brush Lag in Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio 13 without power suply

I post this here because for some reason it seems i can’t post in ‘GitHub Issues Feedbak’ forum (where it probably should be posted)

Description of the Problem, or Question?

I installed the last alpha build two days ago as suggested in another thread (as v1.2.1 did not recognized the Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio pen) and found that the pen issue was solved but there was a lot of brush lagging which made impossible to draw/paint.

Seeing that battery was at 15% i thought it was because that, so i plugged the power supply to charge battery and then i observed that lag had disappeared. So, i waited until battery were at 100% and unplugged the power supply thinking that now it would work ok, but it did not (there is no lag if i paint with finger)

This means that if i want to use MyPaint in my Wacom Cintiq MS 13 (and i want because it’s a GREAT digital paint app) i have to plug-in the power supply which mean i lose its mobility. But i don’t know if this is a issue that has to do with the wacom cintiq or with a MyPaint bug,

This doesn’t happen with any other graphics/paint apps i have installed in my wacom.

p.s.: i offer to make any tests developers want in my wacom cintiq

Basic System Details

Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio 13in
Intel i7

MyPaint version:

MyPaint w64 1.3.0-alpha.git.aefccd44
(Python 2.7.14, GTK 3.22.21, GdkPixbuf 2.36.10, Cairo 1.15.6, GLib 2.54.0)

Operating System + Version:

Windows 10 Pro 64b

Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet:

Intel Iris Graphics 550

Please Tell Us How to Reproduce the Problem in Steps.

  1. Check MyPaint with Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio power supply unplugged
  2. Check MyPaint with Wacom Cintiq Mobile Studio power supply plugged

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I’m guessing there is no lag with your finger because your finger didn’t trigger brush dynamics via pressure. Here’s a few things to try:

Try various brushes, are some much worse than others?
If you draw a continuous squiggle line, does the lag go away after 10 seconds or so?
Can you note how much CPU is used when there is lag?
Can you try changing your power management settings to “maximum performance” when on battery, to see if that avoids the lag?(not a great solution)

Basically I suspect the CPU clock speed is being reduced when it’s not plugged in. The only reason I can think that you don’t notice this with other apps is that maybe mypaint uses more CPU than those. Please check the CPU usage with those other apps to give us done data points. Just open task manager and draw a squiggle line consistently fit each app and try to estimate the % CPU used. Thanks!

I’m sorry for the delay…

(1) It happens with all brushes
(2) Yes, although sometimes it lasts until I lift the pen.
(3) python2w.exe CPU use (there’s no MyPen.exe): max 6% (depending on the brush)
(4) I have created a new Energy Profile with the settings you suggest and it works OK, no lag at all. However python2w.exe max CPU usage goes up to 15% depending on the brush (the same % than if I plug the power supply to the tablet). As you say it is not a great solution as it uses more energy which i suppose will lower down the autonomy of the battery, quite low already (more or less 2’30h).

(*) During the test MyPaint has been the only open app.

ArtRage: max 5% (depending on the brush)
Paint Tool Sai: max 6% (depending on the brush)
MediBang Paint: max 5% (depending on the brush)
Krita: max 25% (depending on the brush)
SketchBook: except one brush (6%), all the rest max 4% (depending on the brush)
… and so on.

As you can see, except Krita, all the CPU uses are between 4% and 6% which is similar to MyPaint, but without lag.

Well, I can’t really explain the lag but at least you have some sort of work-around. You might try playing with the power plan advanced settings and start with the normal battery saver mode but change maybe just the processor speed settings and see if that is enough. I really hate Intel Speedstep technology sometimes. It’d be great if you could create a setting where if the Stylus is active, crank that CPU up to 100%. I don’t want to wait around until my machine figures out that I need the processor! :slight_smile:

There might be a widget you can put in your system tray to change modes really easily so you can keep it in battery saver mode unless you’re in MyPaint… Something like this:

Note, I haven’t tried ^

Once again, sorry for the delay but there are things happening here in SP that are calling my total attention this days…

Thanks for the info about this tool briend, but it happens that i’m in Mac and when i go to Microsoft Store the button “Get the App” is greyed out with this text just below it “This app does not work on your device.” which means that i can’t download it, and i don’t want to connect the wacom to internet (personal preferences ;-).

Anyway i have spend sometime searching in the Net and finally i’ve found a relatively old version (Dec.26-2016) of it in GitHub from the same author. It’s nice because it allows me to do easier what i’ve done before, going from config panel to config panel to do the same, so thanks again to tell me about this tool.

Now my question is, do you know if developers will take this into account as it seems the problem lies in the app? … And also, is there any way i can be notified of a new alpha version for me to check, other than looking at the link you posted in the thread about the problem with the pen from time to time?

Thanks a lot for your time and help, briend.

Oh wow, glad you found the github repo, I didn’t realize it was a “store” app.

I don’t know how difficult it could be to address this in the program. The idea I mentioned earlier actually seems to be patented, but I don’t know if that would really prevent anyone from doing it. More research is needed. . .

This is a very inefficient way of managing the working frequency of a processor since it takes a while for the processor to realize that it is under a heavy workload. The time for the processor to realize this may be rather long from a processor point of view.