Brush group for ctrlpaint minimal brushes?

Hello. I just bought the course Digital Sketching from CtrlPaint and he has a minimal brush group for photoshop. My question is, has anybody in this community a similar custom brush group for MyPaint? If not, where can I find an updated guide to create my own?

I am using MyPaint 2.0 over Debian Linux 10 and Mate and my tablet is an Intuos Small.

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Hi atzibala!

To create own brush-groups is verry simple. Just open the menu “List of Brush-Groups” (that one with the brushes-symbol) and click on “New Group”. Than an empty new panel will be opened. Click on the tool-symbol of that panel and give the new group a name (for example “Watercolors”). Than open other brush-collection-panels and just drag the brushes you want from that panel into your own. The brushes will only be copied to your new group. They will also stay in the group you draged it from.