Brush becomes Eraser

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The brush becomes an eraser when I press e after some time…

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Windows 10

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One by Wacom

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I draw and then after some time the brush becomes an eraser when I press e.

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Hi dokusinking,
With numerous graphics programs, MyPaint included, pressing ‘e’ is the keyboard shortcut to change the current brush to an erase mode (the eraser icon will be active at the same time as the brush icon).

This is simply a convenient means of erasing parts of your image without having to move the cursor to the eraser icon, make your correction/modification, and then have to move it back to select the brush icon to continue painting.

If you go to the Preferences option under Edit, and then click on the Keys tab when the Preferences dialogue opens you will find the Keyboard Mapping for ‘Paint Mode: Eraser’ with the Key Combination set to E. Double clicking on that row with the Left Mouse Button (LMB) will give you the option to change the setting to some other key combination if you really want to. In the event that you try changing it to a combination that is already in use you will be prompted with a warning message.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: