Browsing for Tips on the Best Ways to Use MyPaint for Digital Painting

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to digital painting overall and MyPaint in particular, so I’m looking for some guidance from the more veteran artist in this community.

I’ve been messing about with MyPaint for several weeks now, and I truly appreciate the freedom and spontaneous vibe it provides. I would, however, welcome any advice or best practices you guys have since I’m still learning the ropes.

I’m particularly interested in the following:

What are your favourite brush settings and customisation options? :thinking: How do you alter your brushes to fit various painting genres (such as abstract, landscape, and portrait)? :thinking:

Workflow Guidance: In MyPaint, how do you usually arrange your workflow? :thinking: Do you employ layers a lot? If so, what do you keep them under control? :thinking:

Hue Management: What methods do you employ for selecting and integrating hues? :thinking: Any advice on how to choose colours for a piece that blends great together? :thinking:

Hardware and Tablet Recommendations: I’m thinking of purchasing a better graphics tablet because I currently use a simple one. Would you suggest any particular tablets or hardware configurations for an improved MyPaint experience? :thinking:

Learning Resources: If someone wants to get better at digital painting with MyPaint, are there any guides, classes, or additional sources you would recommend? :thinking:

I also checked this :point_right:

I am thrilled to advance my skills and gain knowledge from this community’s wealth of experience.

I want to thank you :pray: any advice or tips you may provide in advance.