Artifacts in drawing , happens while zoomimg , no saving operations included

Description of the Problem? : i draw on 1pixel pen , very fuzzy lining , more like crosshatching , form-finding . thus i produce a lot of lines . if the picture gets bigger and i draw on far away positions too , i have to use the zoom-function to come from here to there . but sometimes when i come back to a former detail i see it different to what i drawed there . like a compression done to it , curved lines look straightened up now .

Basic System Details : MyPaint version: 1.2.0+git.f62444e.dirty ,win 7 64bit ,i use a penmouse : i-pen mouse (optical , usb , from finger system inc. korea ~ 10 years old)

as i work as sculpteur i (badly) drawed seal to fit into a trunk of a tree , a sketch .

a view on the saved .ora-file opened in mypaint zoomed out

and here a detail of the same .ora-file zoomed in strongly , the pixel-cubes you see is the highest resolution possible . the pixel can be shown bigger , but cannot be divided anymore . think of me not being able to produce the straight lines patterns , this occured while drawing , not directly by drawing this , but as i came back to this detail it was changed to this .

well , i can live with it , but i dont like it , if i would like to do shading points-like on a 2m picture . this should not happen , not even on a saving-operation . it should be loss-less keeping the drawing .

greetings carypt

Could you post before and after images of the change?

uhm , not yet . sry no .
i guess you tried to reproduce the effect , i did so too yesterday , did not occur on a little sketch , that .ora-file the pictures were taken from is 5,6mb big , but i guess its clear to see artificial overdo to my scratches .
regards carypt