Are transform and warp tools planned at all? Is there anywhere I can read planned features?

^ As above.

It’s the main thing holding me back from using the software professionally.

I can’t add texture, photobash, and it even hinders me from re-using assets. Hell one of my favorite techniques as a mouse painter is transforming my simple shapes onto planes. You can draw anything that way super easily.

Mypaint has some of the best mouse drawing tools on the market, it’s a shame it doesn’t offer the full package.

it seems that the devs don’t want it

I mean, I personally can understand your frustration. I regularly have to go to krita shrink something, or place something somewhere else.

But I honestly appreciated the developers vision, for nearly a decade. Mypaints simplicity must be preserved. Adding more bloat doesn’t feel right. You sacrifice certain conveniences to approach a drawing differently in the program. It’s supposed to be like drawing on a giant sheet of paper. Not Photoshop.

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This has been in the tracker for 5½ years: Make selection and use selection data · Issue #31 · mypaint/mypaint · GitHub
Since it is migrated from the old tracker it wouldn’t surprise me if the original is 6-7 years old or more, so it’s not like it hasn’t been considered and discussed (though not by me).

Although simplicity and an intuitive user interface are both important, those aren’t the main issues here. If these kind of tools were added, they could for instance be shown in the UI only if enabled in the settings (show extended toolset, or similar), thus preserving the simplicity of the UI for those who rarely or never need to use them.

The main issue is that adding selections and transforms, and doing it well, is a lot of work. It’s a feature that would span across a big part of the codebase; backend, frontend as well as libmypaint.

Personally I would like to have good selection/transform features be part of MyPaint, but it’s not something I am going to prioritize. If anyone wants to work on it, I’m all for it and will help answer any questions I can about how the existing code is structured, and what needs to be considered when adding these features (unfortunately I am still not fully familiar with all parts the code, but I’ll do my best).

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with e.g. Krita’s (imo highly competent) selection and transform tools using the edit-in-external-app feature.


I appreciate the in-depth reply my man. It’s good to know it’s a priority issue rather than anything else.

Is it possible to put bounties on feature requests? I’m not sure how it would work as I’ve never done so before but if it can incentivize development of these tools I wouldn’t mind pitching in.

There is a mypaint team on bounty source, where bounties can be placed on issues, and since there is an issue in the tracker for this (linked previously), I guess that would be the way to go. That being said, I don’t know if we have (or need) access to that account, since I assume @achadwick set it up, and he’s been busy with other stuff for a while.

Edit: forgot the link: