Are there Arrows brushes?


I’m Mary and I’ve just installed MyPaint on Ubuntu 16.04.

I’m looking for arrow brushes, but I dindn’t found anything on internet.

Otherwise, how can I import Gimp brushes in Mypaint?


MyPaint can’t import GIMP brushes, and it doesn’t really have “arrow brushes”. Because the engine is totally procedural, you have to figure out how to manipulate the settings to get the shape you need. Take a look at the “leaves” brush in the experimental brush group. It uses “Stroke” to change the size of the dabs in a way that changes over the course of the line as you draw. I tweaked that brush a bit and came up with this. It’s not super crisp, but might get the job done. IMO gritty procedural brushes have some charm in their defects :slight_smile:

You can download it here:

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Thank you very much! :wink:

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No problem! Oh, because radius is logarithmic it is kinda hard to get a straight edge on the arrow sides. You could tweak the curve a bit to try to compensate, like in the screenshot here, and it almost looks like a respectable arrow. Use the line tool for better results and to add smooth curves :stuck_out_tongue:

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