AppVeyor Testing for Linux

This look very promising. I always like the fact they make it easy to store binaries so people can testing them out like our alpha builds with WIndows. I’ll be defiantly keeping an eye on it, and modify our build scripts to support appveyor once its stale. It also will now support bash in the yml file so we may not need to keep a separate bash script, but time will tell.

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This looks really cool. We also still need to figure out how to automagically use the Pull Requestor’s branch for libmypaint (and brushes eventually too, I suppose) from their own repo. Maybe we can build some logic so that the build script attempts to find these branches with the same name in their own repo, and if they don’t exist fall-back to upstream

I figured the best way to allow pull requesters to use their branch of libmypaint is to have them dedicate a commit pointing to their branch. Then before we merge revert the commit.

So a dedicated commit on the MyPaint PR that just configures the build to point to whatever branch they want? Maybe the simplest thing would be to do that, but point the build script to your own forked MINGW-packages:

Then in your own forked MINGW-packages you just tweak the PKGBUILD to your own branch:

Simple! :wink:

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