Any way to get this effect?

nevermind got my answer from here:

i do think it’d be great to find another program on linux that can be used in combination with mypaint that can do this and can load .ora files.

this requires bump mapping? to simulate how a brush might hit a rough canvas?
i used a few strokes (some with eraser) to try and come close.

a workaround might be to have stamps of bristle strokes… not unlike the feather shaped brush.

i just want to be able to pepper in some bristled strokes into my artwork, to then paint in and around them to seamlessly embed them into my art. the finished look would be close enough. having a way to wrap a layer might be cool as well. i could then twist and stretch a stamp.

I’ve been experimenting with volume/thickness, bump mapping of stroke and canvas effects. It’s very cool!

Here’s the same exact image with the canvas texture and stroke bump map effects switched off:

But I’m sorry to say it’s no where near ready for general use. Maybe this year if we’re lucky?


the parts where you did not layer the paint on a lot looks fine. It’s the layered area that looks too sharp.
I’d actually just like to be able to do the bottom portion. I think i need a different build of mypaint. i tried your other brushes and mypaint crashed on me.
i have to reinstall linux however, been having issues.