An unfinished fantasy gladiator arena

Now a long time user of MyPaint. I like to acknowledge what a handy - excellent digital paint tool it is. Finally started using version 2 - nice. I had to wait a bit as my old main drawing tablet was incompatible with newer Linux kernel s.
Attached is an old sketch idea I had, which I started created a full form rendering in MyPaint.
I had to set it aside - not sure if or when I will get back to it. It has a ways to go. No references were used, which is a slower process. I have a back log of ideas and an itch to do more real paint painting, with stuff waiting.

To the MyPaint team, I like and use other digital art software - oft in combination, but none give me a compelling reason to replace MyPaint as the go to - no miss, no fuss get it done program. Virtually everything I do digitally starts and finishes in MyPaint, with rare exceptions. As I don’t have the patience to try to make MyPaint work with my UGEE drawing tablet in Windows, it means I jump to Linux a lot, which demonstrates just how much I like the MyPaint work environment. It also helps that I like Linux a lot, but obviously easier to stay on one partition, but it’s worth the partition jumping!


Amazing as always!

It’s a good day when you upload. :wink:

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that’s a very goodjob

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hmmm… if you’re up to experimenting and lacking of time… you could just go with Miller’s style (you know, almost no grays, high contrasting black and white, only an accent color - red, lol )… you don’t lack of the knowledge to accomplish a similar result following the style I suggested (just a suggestion, though, heh, since it seems you’re going in a sketchy phase of artworks and Miller’s one seem sketchy enough but still impactful, otherwise I’m just curious to see what you can come up with as fully pictorial styles… yeah they take a lot of time).

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This is such an amazing painting! I wish I could do those shiny stuff :smiley:

Also a linux user here. MyPaint has been my go-to painting program for a year or so, and it works wonderfully.

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Thanks for commenting.
Been too busy to check back in.

Will try to answer some things from scanning through.

The size of the arena: I wanted it to look like it is a smaller arena in an Outpost area. It isn’t Greek mythology - rather a Greek mythology inspired storyline. Long ago I created a variation of my own with a lot of characters.

On lack of battle gore: it is unfinished, though I tend to go light on such things. This was do in snatches of time between freelance work. Because there was no references - I worked up form and lighting in my mind - so a appreciate the kind words on it. It was done off the cuff sloppy - just quick thinking - as opposed to using perspective and light physics knowledge (if only I had the time).

I think you asked why not color: I could do a color wash - digital version of color glazing over under painting. But never finished the as is black and white rendering. As you noted - indication of battles, and it has been a while, but I think I still have to indicate more of the audience.

As always - kudos to the MyPaint team!!!