Always hide crossair?

I am the happy user of a cintiq 27 QHD touch (giant screen that you can paint on directly).
As a result, i would love to be able to deactivate the painting crossair at all time since i don’t need it at all :slight_smile:

That is it
thanks for the awesome app!

Is the existing ability to turn off the cursor while you are drawing not of any use?

Actually not. I find it still distracting to have these cursors appearing at all time.
And as a matter of fact it is a bit buggy on my windows 64 version… when i start painting, the cursor disappears but a window arrow appears :p.

This is sounding more like an upstream bug than feature request. Cause on Linux, the hide cursor option is working as intended.

I’m going to move this thread to the user support since it’s sounding more like an uptream bug with GDK or GTK(The framework we use to build MyPaint’s UI) on Windows.

You could also download Ubuntu Gnome and install the OS on a flash drive so you could test out MyPaint on a Linux system. The reason I suggested this is because MyPaint is really developed for Linux based systems so you’ll have the full MyPaint experience. Plus we could see how well your Cintiq works on Linux as well.