Adding individual .myb brushes from v.1

I was an avid user of MyPaint for a long while (v.9- v.1 etc) when I had to shift to OSX. Now i’m back on windows and would like to paint with mypaint again.
The thing is I miss my old brushes.
I had tweaked quite a few brushes that were just great for my use.
IIRC it was around v 1.1 that importing .zip packages came along,
I remember just dropping my older brushes folders in the brush directory and they sort of worked.
Is there any way to import individual .myb brushes anymore?
I don’t have any .zip packages of my older brushes and would very much like to not waste effort trying to replicate the old behaviors.

Any workaround would help greatly.

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wacom intuos 4

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You can still create new directories in the same folder that the other brush directories are in, and place your .myb and preview png files there. You can either use the folder in the installation directory tree (search for .myb under the installation root directory to find it, it should end in mypaint-data\2.0\brushes\), or you can use the corresponding local user directory, which I think should be in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\mypaint\.

After you have dropped in the brushes, they will show up in the “Lost & Found” brush group when you next start MyPaint. You can then use the Brush -> Brush Groups -> New Group and drag those organize your brushes directly in the program.

Alternatively, you can manually edit the order.conf file, which is a simple ordering of brushes, divided into groups. The structure of the file should be straightforward.

A thing to note is that in the default mode of 2.0.0 and 2.0.1, brushes behave a bit differently than they did in 0.9 - 1.2.1. To get the old behavior, use the 1.x legacy mode by changing the defaults in the Compatibility tab in the preferences.

Thank you very much!
Sorry for the late reply but I didn’t realize there was a reply to my question.
I’ll try all the things that you have recommended.
Thanks again!

No worries. The email notifications are not very reliable (presumably due to free-tier quotas running out), so I tend to just check manually every couple of days at least.