Add Support for Multi Touch Gestures


Just to know if there is any plan to improve the interface of MyPaint for High DPI and touch screen tablets, as it seems that they become more and more common.

For now, on my Surface, it seems to me that it is not possible to:

  • use the multi gestures to zoom/rotate/translate the canvas.
  • to increase the size of the tool icons,
  • to move the toolbar on the left/right side of the screen.

I think that improvements on those three issues would make MyPaint more usable on Tablet PC. Would it be easily doable? Do you think it would worth it?

Where do you want to move it? If you want to move it from the left side to the right side, just drag the tabs over to the right side, one by one.

I am not sure that we are speaking about the same thing because I did not succeed in moving the toolbar through click and drag. I think your have speaking about the dockable “widgets” (Layers widget, Brush setting widget, History widget, Canvas Overview widget).

I am speaking about the actual toolbar:

To have it on the right or left with larger icons (i.e., the user could chose the size) would help a lot while working on tablets: you could select the tool you want with your thumb of the left hand and use the tool with your right hand.

It would also allow to zoom and pan more easily (although a multi-gesture support would be even better).

No sadly the the top bar and the bottom bars are set in stone so to speak so that is not possible. If space is a problem, you could go into full screen mode and press TAB, it will go into auto hide the UI and give you the full canvas. Just either go to the top to see the reveal the tool bar or press TAB again to reveal the UI.

With HiDPI, it’s sounding more like an upstream issue with GDK or GTK since on Linux, HiDPI support is working. We can help you with reporting it upstream to see if there is an issue.

Lastly Mutitouch is a much needed feature request, so we’ll accept any pull requests if any code contributors wants to add the support to MyPaint.

With that said, I am going to move this the user support category since you are asking for more than one thing on MyPaint.

Nevermind, I’m going to move it back to feature requests since the first post is mainly just asking for Multi Touch Support. I just reword the Title to to reflect that.

Related Github Issue:

It is not a problem of space but a problem of being able to easily select the tools with the left/right hand while holding the tablet.
I am mainly concern in using MyPaint without keyboard in fact, in tablet mode, making MyPaint more travel friendly.

Ok, so I need to report the HiDPI issue to GDK/GTK.

Ok :slight_smile: I am not sure I am good enough at coding :confused:

Thank you for your answer!