Add brushes to Favorites?

I added some brushes to Favorites in an older version and now I’d like to add some more to that group, and maybe remove some that I don’t use that much. Not the numbered presets (I use that a lot too) but the brush group that’s called Favorites. Is this still in the newer versions? I can’t figure out how to do it anymore

hi, if you haven’t already figured it out…
theres a couple of ways:

  1. simply drag the desired brush from its group panel to the favorites panel
    2.right click on the brush > choose “Add to favorites”

to remove from favorites > rightclick >choose “Remove from favorites”

Neither of these two worked but I’m still on an old version of 1.2.1. I guess I’ll wait until I have the time to put a newer version in there and see if that fixes things.

I wasn’t able to make this work either. Also tried with the latest alpha from appveyor (currently 1.3.0).

Well, it doesn’t work if I try it with the brush icon on the bottom right, or open the brush set window there and try it with any of those. But if I open a brush set in a separate tool window (from the “List of brush groups” button in the top right), I can right click and drag from there.

So you could try that.

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That worked! [As a workaround, there’s probably still a bug] I was working in mypaint when your message came in and this issue has been a pain for years. Finally I could add that blur tools to favorites. So great.
Thank you Jorn.