Abney effect


Which branch should I select if I want to try out the Abney effect avoiding blending you demonstrated on Youtube yesterday?

Hey thanks for watching those! Here’s the video for anyone else wondering:
That particular demo was just the smudge setting in the smudge_tweaks branches (libmypaint and mypaint). But you can also use the pigment blend modes in the HCYtools mypaint branch. OR, just use my master branches of both to get all the stuff. Funny thing that Abney effect; I didn’t even notice it so much until @troy_s mentioned it.


I put more videos on my twitter for a bunch of other stuff w/ color picking:

and I’m trying to document stuff here inside github “issues”

The latest thing is the color target picker, you have to press control+alt+shift+R to set a target,and then Shift+S will move the color towards the target (same key as increasing saturation). You also need to make sure your preferences file has color.tune_model set to “Pigment”. Umm what else… make sure you install the git version of colour:
and. . .use python3 (and pip3 to install colour).

And… brushes here: https://github.com/briend/Brushes
I have a tilt branch that is for higher performance machines (more dabs per xxx setting) and tilt-enabled stylus (actually ideally wacom ArtPen w/ barrel rotation)

Thanks for working on Mypaint!

I like your demos, but it’s not always I see what’s different from the last blending demo. :slight_smile:
The last one was amazing though.

I’ll see if I can get your master branch working here tomorrow.

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Sometimes I don’t even remember what I’m trying to demo :stuck_out_tongue: