A cross at the end of each stroke

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Description of the Problem, or Question? I can’t get rid of a cross which appears at the end of each stroke no matter what brush I use.

Basic System Details

MyPaint version:-w32

Found under Help --> About MyPaint

**Operating System + Version:**windows 10

Please include Desktop Environment if on Linux

Make and Model # of Graphic Tablet: bamboo

attached an image mypaint

Esto es viejo pero dejo mi respuesta para futuro. Estuve 3 horas buscando como desactivar ese croosair al final del trazo…Al final encontre el archivo settings.json en la carpeta de usuario en appdata-local y cambie esta linea a false:
"ui.feedback.last_pos": false,

I’ll translate that to English:

Thanks, and just for future reference: the option is available in the menu via View -> Feedback -> Show Last Painting Position (or your localized equivalent), so there is no need to edit the settings.json file manually. The original poster probably turned it on by accident.