A big thank you for the developers

I have been using mypaint for some time now and have established a really good application for it. I use a laptop running Linux with a projector to display the canvas. Keeping the brushes and colour wheel on the laptop so only the resulting canvas is displayed. With a Wacom Intuos 3 graphic pad and pen.

Then in an environment like a church service, a night club disco or just in the home environment I can create images to match those being received from the environment.

The power and flexibility of the brushes allow you to set up a brush suitable for water reflections, fireworks, clouds and many other effects. The limits are purely upon the skill of the artist.

With these brushes, you can create images almost in real time to suit the atmosphere of the situation.

It is so much fun and the results are greatly appreciated by those observing them.

Keep up the good work guys, This package is greatly appreciated.