1 click = 1 fixed size circle

I often need to quickly paint several dots (circles of exactly the same size and “brightness”), e.g. to depict gas particles in physics problem. I use pen tablet which is pressure sensitive.

I want to find a brush that applies a fixed-size opaque circle when I touch the tablet irrespective to pressure.

I played around with brush parameters (gain, pressure, twist…) to no avail.

Hi, maybe start with kaerhon v1/fill c (the last brush in the Kaerhon group) and modify it like this:

  1. Opacity/Opacity multiply should look like this. (the first point must remain at 0, the next one at the top-left-most position). That way, every pressure bigger than 0 will be full opacity:


  2. Change the Dabs/Dabs per basic radius to something like 0.25 (you can enter a number by double clicking the current value)

  3. Optionally set Basic/Jitter to something like 3 if you want to make it a bit random by default.

  4. Lastly, save it as a custom brush (Copy to New + Rename + Save)

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It works, however, the brush doesn’t paint a single circle on a single mouse click (or tablet single touch). But when dragging a pointer with left mouse button pressed (or pen touching the tablet), it works. It’s even better than I wanted! Thanks, especially for the jitter, perfect for depicting gas particles.