I have problem with backups

I apologize very much, but I want to ask for some help. I’m a beginner with My Paint. The program is very nice,but I made error.Several times without wanting I interrupt the program. The program was made backup of my painting. The last thing someting went wrong. There was no backup but these notes appear . Now every time when I run my program, these notes appear. I’ve uploaded pictures. How can I remove these notes. I have reinstalled the program several times, but the notes continue to appear.Excuse my bad English!
Thank you very much!

Looks like we need to clear the config file… or a persistent file that stays around after a reinstall. @briend where is the config file in Windows 10?

Just to clarify the backup folder is empty, correct?

paste this in a folder path:


and it should take you to

where there is a mypaint folder with the config, etc.

Thank you very much for your help !!! The problem is already resolved. MyPaint is a great drawing program! Thank you again

That’s great to hear!! Could explain what you did so that other users who have the same problem can resolve it as well?

I will say with pleasure! The note said that one backup was lost.I decided that if I retrieve this backup ,things will be ok.I found the folder where all the backup are stored. This is very easy, because under the note there is a button that opens this folder. More precisely, it opens the lost backup folder. If we goes up one level we go to the folder where all backups are stored. I opened one of the folder
with backup and then copied its contents. Then I put it in the empty backup folder. Then I restart My paint. The lost backup was restored. I just had to keep it in a any folder and after that everything was be fine. I hope I have been helpful. Excuse my bad English