Crashes on Paste Layer from Clipboard

Description of the Problem, or Question?

Mypaint crashes whenever I paste any kind of image data copied from any external software.

If I ever need to make adjustments to a layer (such as scale or rotation), I usually copy the layer into Krita, make the changes and then copy it back into Mypaint. In previous versions this worked just fine but with version 1.2.1 the program crashes every time and pops up an error box saying python2w.exe has stopped working with no additional info about the problem.

I’ve tried pasting images copied from Gimp, MSPaint and straight out of Firefox and it all results in the same crash. Copying and pasting within Mypaint works to a degree; everything works fine as long as you’re not getting image data from any external software however if you copy an image from Mypaint, reload the software and then try to paste that same image, the crash happens again.

This is happening even if I use the 32bit or standalone versions and regardless of whether or not I’m pasting into a new empty canvas or a previously saved one.

If anyone could shed some light on this, it’d be great.

Basic System Details

MyPaint version: w64 1.2.1+gitexport.bcf5a28d

Operating System + Version: Win7 64bit

Please Tell Us How to Reproduce the Problem in Steps.

  1. Copy any image of any size from any non Mypaint software.
  2. Paste into Mypaint.


  1. Draw anything in Mypaint and copy the layer.
  2. Quit and reload Mypaint.
  3. Paste the image.

Howdy, sorry that I don’t have a solution for you, I just wanted to mention that I’m having the same issue. I have the same version of the software and am also on windows 7 64 bit.

Did you ever get this sorted out yourself, per chance?